In the mountainous region of Hérault, surrounded by beautiful nature with rich flora and wild life, you will find Cantignergues. It’s a small, authentic village with houses in the traditional French style, built in the 18th and 19th century
This holiday resort is named Porte d’Esperance. It is an absolutely unique spot, characterised by silence, space and tranquillity.

The village of Cantignergues consists of a few houses and most of them belong to Porte d’Espérance. In total we can accommodate up to 55 people in 10 houses. The grounds of Porte d’Espérance cover 14 hectare and are gradually being converted into a multi-functional, small scale holiday village. The river Cesse meanders through the estate, leaving room for relaxation at the waterside. But also for those who love to be active the village is an Eldorado. There are plenty of hiking possibilities. The estate itself offers walking routes for at least an hour of walking. Also, there are lots of possibilities in the surroundings. Well-marked mountain bike-routes, abseiling, horse riding: lots of possibilities to offer you a varied holiday.
Relaxation is possible at the pool or on the terrace in town, as well as meeting others which is possible in the common room ‘Mimosa’.

Combining physical activities and spiritual refreshment was exactly what we had in mind when we got the opportunity to develop this centre for relaxation. We like to create a place where people love to be, where they feel at home and feel they can unwind.
We also like to create a place where you can meet other people looking for a similar experience: a place to enjoy, where you can reflect, relax, be active and sometimes take some distance from everyday-life. You can book your individual holiday, a group holiday or organise your own holiday for your family/friends.



If you want to, there is always the possibility to join the joint activities such as our daily devotionals, bible readings, or worship nights. Don’t feel obliged, but you’re most welcome.

The atmosphere in Porte d’Espérance is great. No mass-tourism, but tranquillity, space and comfort in Mediterranean surroundings. Deep blue skies during the day leave a lasting impression, just as the starry sky does at night.
In summer, but especially in spring and autumn, we enjoy a mild climate. You can start the day with a lovely walk, and afterwards enjoy breakfast on the terrace, or as a group on the common terrace. Choose to be active in the surroundings or enjoy a good book in your lazy chair. Lunchtime is siesta time, especially in summer, but after having renewed your energy, you should explore the surroundings. There are a lot of options. Spend an afternoon at the beach next to the Mediterranean Sea, or visit the medieval city of Carcassonne, or enjoy a fresh drink at a small terrace in the historical village of Minerve.
When you return to Porte d’Espérance at the end of your day you can meet our other holiday guests at the central terrace and exchange experiences. Maybe you want to talk about your daily experiences or maybe you are looking for more serious conversations. We guarantee that once you have tasted the atmosphere of Porte d’Espérance, is it likely you will return to this very place, and possibly bring along friends. All of this is not a problem for us, of course…

Adieu (see you) in France!



- Meeting / Conference room
- Private Chapel
- Swimming Pool
- Common terrace (weekly bbq, dining and other common activities)


Leisure activities close by:

 - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
- Abseiling
- Canal / River walks

 - Climbing
 - Cycling
- Mountain biking
- Archery
- Zip-wire 
- Wine tastings
- Geocaching
- Bivouac in nature

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Cantignergues, LA LIVINIERE


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