Unusual & Specialist Holidays

Specialist & Unusual holidays really speak for themselves
Singles Holidays, Winter Sports & Youth Holidays to name but three.
And there are many more – perhaps family holidays, pet friendly or House Swap

Using the Search boxes below and clicking on “types of accommodation” is one way to find your choice.
Also try clicking on “Our Specialities” (near the bottom of the search criteria)

To find your ideal Specialist & Unusual Holidays - either 

Click one of the Featured properties or, using the "Search" boxes below, follow these simple steps

#1 Click "Extended Search"

 #2 Select "Types of accommodation " eg. Back Packers; Winter Holidays; Singles> click

(select a sub category where applicable > click)
#3 To narrow search you may select one or more other criteria  (eg County or Region)   

#4 Press" enter"

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